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farmer’s market

Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Autumn is one of my favorites months for the farmer’s market, it is a transitional period where the shoppers can select end of Summer and early Fall produce. The variety includes peaches, cherries, apricots, green beans, and even berries to beets, squash, potatoes, apples and pears. I’m in farmer’s market heaven.

Since I often write about my local farmer’s market, I thought you might be interested in seeing where I buy a lot of my food. I took a few photos to share with everyone. If you are ever in Ballard on a Sunday, I encourage you to check it out.

Growing Things Farm has the best selection of string beans. The dragon tongues in the middle are incredibly sweet. Purple velvet beans are on the left and green bean are on the right.

I like the cylinder-like-shaped, red and white look of French breakfast radishes. These are popular and go quickly.

Yes, these are raspberries I spied.

The flower stalls always have the most beautiful flowers. You will find the best and most colorful tulips when they are in season at this farmer’s market.

Yup, even peppers can be found.

 By the end of October, the foliage in the backdrop will be beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and gold.

While I love all the summer produce, I also love the arrival of apples.

Thanks for letting me share my farmer’s market.

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