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what did you have for breakfast?

Monday, April 18, 2011

With a few simple ingredients I had in the fridge, I turned ordinary eggs and toast into something that seemed a little more breakfast gourmet. I added smoked salmon, cream cheese and greens and I had an eggs-benedict-style dish, and it was delish. I’m a huge fan of anything with smoked salmon and Whole Foods had it on sale, so into the shopping cart it went. This simple recipe is perfect for me because I love breakfast, but I don’t love an all sweet breakfast, I always needs something savory or salty to cut through the sweetness. Thankfully, bacon is usually an option.

I used Mizuna for my greens. Mizuna is a Japanese style leafy green. It kind of looks like a weed to me, but it tastes good. I get bored with regular old lettuce and I like that stores are bringing in a better selection of greens to choose from and experiment with.

eggs, toast and smoked salmon

smoked salmon
cream cheese
mizuna (any green will work)

Toast your bread, spread it with cream cheese then layer on the smoked salmon, mizuna and your cooked egg. Super easy!
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